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WHO We Are

Friends of Ofanim is the philanthropic arm in the United States for Ofanim in Israel. It increases awareness of this award-winning organization which drives STEM education for elementary school children in Israel’s underserved regions in the north and south. Friends of Ofanim works to expand its network of dedicated supporters who believe in the power of STEM education to transform individual lives and Israel’s economic and social resilience. Founded in 2005, Friends of Ofanim works strategically with Ofanim on program design and development. It arranges site visits in the Negev and the Galilee to meet the children and dedicated instructors and organizes missions for Friends to see first-hand the power of Ofanim’s work. 


Our network of Friends and Ambassadors hosts events throughout the U.S to introduce Ofanim, inspires new supporters and increases awareness of the serious challenges in Israel’s education system. When Ofanim Israeli board members and staff visit the U.S. we make introductions and arrange meetings with supporters as well as potential funders.

Ofanim receives significant funding from individuals, philanthropists and corporations in Israel. The Israeli Board has determined that no more than 50 percent of the funds raised for Ofanim will be raised in the US. As such, Ofanim is a true US-Israeli partnership.

HOW We Work

We provide essential financial and advisory support to Ofanim, which helps ensure that it continues to provide excellent educational opportunities to Israel’s most disadvantaged children for years to come. We welcome anyone who would like to become involved, contribute financially or learn more about our work.

Partnership with the MOE

”Growth to the Future” Program

In 2019 Israel’s Ministry of Education (MOE) chose Ofanim to lead its national informal STEM education in Israel's periphery



To close critical education gaps and advance social mobility for children growing up in Israel’s geo-social periphery

To expose children to exciting hands-on technology and science enrichment at a young age

To empower children from underserved communities to believe in their ability to succeed, overcoming Israel's critical shortage of engineers for a secure, safe, and prosperous future for Israel

To awaken children’s curiosity, creativity, problem-solving and communication skills; all essential to integrate into the 21st-century workforce


Ofanim's Activity


In 2009, Ofanim was recognized as an Outstanding Nonprofit Organization from the Ministry of Social Services and Social Affairs


In 2014 the founder and president of Ofanim, Dr. Haim Dahan, was awarded the "Effective Philanthropist  Citation" for his contribution to advancing the children residing in Israel’s periphery


In 2011, we were awarded the "Midot Seal of Effectiveness" for our success in creating social value and generating positive change in children’s lives


Mazel Tov on becoming a B’Nai Mitzvah! 
Thank you so much for considering Ofanim as your Mitzvah Project! We are excited to be working with you this year and so thankful for your support and the support of your family and friends. 
We are thrilled to be sharing the value of Ofanim and the opportunities it provides to children in Israel with you.



Stay in Touch

Thank you for your dedication to Friends of Ofanim.

You enable us to help thousands of children from disadvantaged families level the playing field and transform their future pathways. We are grateful for your time, support, and friendship. We invite you to stay in touch. We have so much happening and periodically want to keep you up to date.

Between information about new projects, ways to get involved, and information from Israel, this is a priceless resource for a look into Friends of Ofanim.

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