Co-President President, The Russell Berrie Foundation

Angelica Berrie 

Co-President Chairman, Concierge Insurance Solutions

Paul Silberberg

FRIENDS OF OFANIM Board of Directors

Managing Partner,

AC3 BioVentures

Arie Cohen

Charles R Gwirtsman

Managing Director, KRG Capital

President and CEO, Solomon
EdwardsGroup, LLC

Edward Baumstein

Trustee, Charles and Esther Lee Kimerling Charitable Foundation

Faye Kimerling

Dr. Haim Dahan

Founder and President of Ofanim and CEO of A.S.Y.D. Investments. Ltd

Managing Member and Portfolio Manager,S Squared Technology

Ken Goldblatt

Retired President and Owner, Fishman and Tobin, INC

Mark Fishman

Chairman of Ofanim, CEO, Kaizen Biotech International

Oded Hadomi

President, P.A.W. Partners

Peter Wright


Ruth Newman

Research Director and Co-Founder, Myria-Research and Advisory  Services

Toren Kutnick

President, Shifco Real Estate Services

Yoav Shiffman

OFANIM Board of Directors (ISRAEL)

Haim E. Dahan

Founder and President of Ofanim and CEO of A.S.Y.D. Investments

Oded Hadomi

Chairman of Ofanim, CEO - Kaizen Biotech International LTD

Avi Harrari

Lecturer and coacher for cognitive improvement, Colonel (reserve duty)

Dr. Tami Shifter

Medical sociologist, professor of Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academy and Tel Aviv University, Chairman of the Health & Medical Israeli Sociological Association.

Dr. Sivanie Shiran

Academic Head of Graduate Leadership Steams at Arison Business School, the Inter-disciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya. Clinical Psychologist, Jungian Analyst and Organizational Consultant. 

Yoni Abadi

Wolf-Abadi Law Offices

Former CEO of Ofanim, Director of the Fundraising Division, WIZO Israel.

Poly Meschiany

Anna Erez

Philanthropist and Social Activist, Projects Manager in businesses

Rafael Zarfati

CEO Zarfati Digital communications and strategy consultant

Rimon Ben Shaul

CEO Polar Communication. Director: TAT, MIND, NICE, Reshet

Bat-Sheva Moshe

Poalim Hi-Tech Activity Manager

Avi Turiski

Founder and Co-CEO Rotem Shani Ltd.

Yoram Gonen

CEO Hanita Lenses Ltd

Yoram Yair

Strategic consultant in

Israel and abroad, the head of leaderships program, Major General (reserve duty)

Chai  Galis

CEO BIG Shopping Centers


Peter Feinberg

Miami, FL

Ken Mandelbaum

North Jersey, NJ

Scott Lustgarten

Philadelphia, PA / Miami, FL

Ben Kirshner

Chairman Tinuiti, FKA Elite SEM

David Magerman

Philadelphia, PA


Alon Alroy

New York City, NY

David Hirsch

Greenwich, CT

Oren Amar

Los Angeles, CA

Ron Werner

Denver, CO

Ross Born

Allentown, PA /Sarasota, FL