Driving education in Israel

Ofanim introduces at-risk youth to the highest quality instructors and after-school enrichment programs in computers, science, math, English, and robotics programs by meeting children where they are- by bringing lessons to them on mobile classrooms on buses and municipal centers.  Founded by Israeli social and business entrepreneur, Haim Dahan, Ofanim’s inspiring vision is to empower the next generation of Israeli leaders, scientists and entrepreneurs.  Together, we’re driving real change in Israel’s forgotten periphery.

Serving a forgotten Periphery

This year we will extend our reach to 3,000 deserving at-risk youth in over 63 remote villages operating six buses and two light labs. Ofanim helping to enhance lives and provide real futures to communities that have been ignored for decades. For our contributions to Israeli society, the organization was recently awarded Israel’s highest award to nonprofits by the Ministry of Social Welfare.

A Different Way to Learn

Each class, staffed with Israel’s finest undergraduate and graduate students, delivers classes in subjects important for the development of critical and creative thinking skills for young students.  Ofanim’s curriculum also includes social skills training and enrichment field trips to major institutions and universities.  Students have the opportunity to engage with high level professionals and academics, building on the subjects they have been introduced to through Ofanim. For some, this is the first time they leave their hometown and the first time they are on a college campus; for each and every child, the Ofanim experience transforms the way they see their education and their future.

Ofanim’s Fundraising Guidelines

Please note that, in strict conformance with IRS guidelines, Friends of Ofanim does not accept contributions that are earmarked or required to be distributed to Ofanim or any other organization. The Directors of Friends of Ofanim have complete discretion and control over the ultimate disposition of any contributions received by the organization. While donors may suggest that their gifts be used for a specific purpose, these requests are non‐binding on Friends of Ofanim. This ensures that gifts made to Friends of Ofanim are tax‐deductible and that Friends of Ofanim fulfills its duties and obligations as a U.S. tax‐exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Code. Donors may make unrestricted contributions to Friends of Ofanim, and in these cases, the Directors will determine the manner in which contributed funds will be used.

Did you know?

Ofanim’s Impact on Israeli Matriculation Scores

Ofanim In The Shadow Of The Coronavirus

Dear Friends of Ofanim,
I wanted to provide an update on Ofanim’s activities in the shadow of the Coronavirus.
This is certainly no ordinary time in Israel as well as for our world. The Coronavirus is impacting families, businesses, and our mental and physical health. The health and safety of all of our students continues to be our priority in the wake of the evolving situation.
We have been compelled to think about how we can readjust the program. The Ministry of Education declared that they had closed the schools nation-wide.
Our pedagogical department is working overtime to make sure that Ofanim students will continue to learn and be enriched in what will be a self-quarantined environment. We are exploring the most innovative ideas possible to maintain the children’s routine. We are determined to provide online enrichment programs that will continue to capture our students’ imaginations. We will keep you updated as …

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