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Become Part of the Team,

A Friends of Ofanim Ambassador is someone who believes in the power of Ofanim and wants to not only continue the program and increase its reach to more children but also spread awareness about Ofanim in his/her community. 


Applying to the Ambassador program for Friends of Ofanim is an easy process and we will be with you to help build your own FOO community every step of the way. 
As an Ambassador, you are stepping up to declare how important the work of Ofanim is to you.

Your investment enables children in the periphery to have access to Ofanim supplemental STEM education, regardless of where they go to school. Any donation to Friends of Ofanim is fully tax-deductible, and you can choose to support general operating or designate your gift to a specific program, a particular area or bus.

By becoming an Ambassador, you are a true partner in sharing the message and benefits of Ofanim with others in your home city. 

Other benefits of being an Ambassador include:

Exclusive access 
to a bi-annual call 
with Ofanim’s founder, Haim Dahan

Templates for communications, events, and best practices for sharing the message of Ofanim in your city

Quarterly Zoom calls with other Ambassadors around the country and our Executive Director, Boaz Ozery and Board Members

To apply, please fill out this form we will contact you!

Thanks for submitting!

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