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Welcome to Ofapedia! Want to know more about Israel’s public school system, or wonder what exactly is Israel’s periphery? This a one-spot resource to answer any questions you might have about Ofanim and what problems it exists to solve.


Below you can find links to articles, websites, and videos about the issues and topics surrounding Ofanim. Israel has one of the best education systems in the world, but the contrasts are stark between the center of Israel-- Tel Aviv, Jerusalem-- and the outer regions such as the Negev and Galilee. Meanwhile, Israel is suffering a shortage of engineers and other workers trained in high-tech. Read more to understand the problem and what you can do to support Ofanim on its mission to bring top-tier STEM education to the outer regions of Israel. 


Israel has public schooling from k-12. Public schools are funded by a combination of local and ministry funds. The ministry uses a “nurture index” to decide which schools need affirmative actions regarding funding, and one of these criteria is development towns. However, although the ministry has adapted its policy many times there is inevitably educational inequality.


The high-school dropout rates vary sharply between Jewish and minority populations. There is an extremely high dropout rate, in particular, among Bedoin students whose villages lack the infrastructure to make traveling to school easy. The pass rate for the college entrance exam, the Bagrut, is almost 20% higher among students in high socio-economic than low. 

The Periphery 

Ofanim does its work in Israel’s Periphery-- the regions in Israel’s North and South which are less urbanized than the center of Israel. The periphery includes regions of the Negev and the Galilee. Life in the periphery is typically much more difficult than the center of Israel, but it has a lot of culture. 

The Lack of engineering 

Israel, while known as the start-up nation for its many high-tech companies built from the ground up, actually has a shortage of engineers and other high-tech workers. Ofanim hopes to fill this need by educating and empowering children in the periphery to pursue degrees in high-tech. 

Haim Dahn (our Founder): 
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Read more statistical breakdowns of Israel’s education.

Economic Inequality

The economy of Israel is very centered in Israel’s core-- the region surrounding Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The high-paying jobs and the quality education lay in Israel’s core. The periphery suffers poverty and stark wealth inequality. 


Israel is in a hostile region, and faces 24/7 threats to existence. Subsequently, Israel’s military intelligence, and the technology it utilizes and developes, are key to the safety and stability of Israel. 

Covid- 19

Among the Covid-19 shutdown, students in low-income areas such as the periphery are disadvantaged when it comes to remote learning. Ofanim is striving to facilitate a meaningful remote education plan to reach these students.  


STEM education is a vital part of Israel’s success. All over Israel, educators work to prepare students to innovate and join the high-tech workforce. 

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