Sponsor A Child Program

During the 2017-2018 school year, Ofanim will help the same 1,800 children every single week. That is 115 groups in 63 towns and villages in Israel’s northern and southern periphery. This year, Ofanim is working on 9 mobile labs – 6 buses and 3 mini labs. Many of the programs are STEM based and include 3-D printing, science, robotics, bio-medicine, computerized animation, gaming, application development, debate and learning skills.


“Ofanim’s activity is one of the most significant programs relating to minimizing educational gaps of children living in the periphery and is to be commended.”
Ilan Shochat
Mayor of Safed

Unlike school-aged children in the United States, those in Israel’s periphery simply don’t have the same resources available to them. They live in communities poised for socio-political attack daily, protected by fencing and armed guards. With only a finite amount of colleges and universities in Israel and limited seats available, children living in the periphery are far behind those in the big cities, because they have limited access to the same opportunities, educational support and technological resources.

“We must not overlook the importance of standing up for the children of Israel to ensure their future success while building the next generation of givers. For this reason, I’ve asked each of my four children to sponsor a child. Together, with them, my wife and I will be sponsoring six children in this very important program.”
Ed Baumstein
President, Founder & CEO

We will keep you connected all along the way, allowing you to develop a meaningful relationship with your child and watch as they flourish into a leader of tomorrow. Your $2,000 commitment to sponsor a child will allow your adopted child to have access to STEM programs to which they would normally not have access. During the year, you will receive letters from your child with regular updates, emails and progress reports.

Donation Opportunities
Please choose one of the options listed below.

•   I would like to sponsor one child ($2,000).
•   I would like to make a difference by sponsoring an entire bus full of 15 children ($30,000).
•   I would like to sponsor a different child every year in perpetuity by donating to Friends of Ofanim endowment fund. ($50,000).
•   I would like to maximize my impact by sponsoring a classroom of children ($60,000).
•   I am unable to sponsor a child, but I would like to help by donating toward the program.

Please make all checks payable to Friends of Ofanim. 
Friends of Ofanim, Inc.
PO Box 826559
Philadelphia, PA 19182-6559