Will you be one of our hundred?

Join Ofanim in its mission of closing the education gaps in Israel’s periphery.

100 donors at $1000 dollars each: 100o children given new opportunities.

Education gaps in Israel’s periphery are more profound than ever. Because of hi-tech and other
industry growth in Israel, the majority of Israel’s wealth, and therefore resources, are accumulated in the center, and do not reach the northern and southern periphery, or disadvantaged towns in Israel’s center.

Ofanim’s buses and mobile labs deliver extracurricular enrichment in science and technology to
children living in Israel’s geographic and socioeconomic periphery. Ofanim introduces at-risk
youth to the highest quality instructors and after-school enrichment programs in computers, science, math, English, and robotics programs by meeting children where they are bringing lessons to them on mobile classrooms on buses and municipal centers.

Your $1000 will help bring opportunities to children in Israel’s periphery every week of the school year.