The Formula for the Success in Mathematics of Students in the Periphery

The Formula for the Success in Mathematics of Students in the Periphery

We are proud to announce that Ofanim has been appointed by the Ministry of Education to spearhead the informal education sector of the National Program for Excellence, English and Mathematics in Israel’s periphery.

On November 30, an article titled “The Formula for the Success in Mathematics of Students in the Periphery” was published in Israel’s daily newspaper, Yediot Aharonot”. In this article, the Minister of Education, Rafi Peretz, was quoted expressing his belief in the children of the periphery as being “capable of accomplishing any achievement in any area, and of being a part of the backbone of the community of scientists, company managers and researchers in the academia”.  The Minister promised to “continue nurturing and deepening the roots in all the peripheral towns and villages.” Director-General of the Ministry of Education, Shmuel Abuav was quoted saying that: “Excellence in the periphery comprises a growth engine at the national level.”

The strategic partnership between Ofanim and the Ministry of Education is based upon the government adopting Ofanim’s prime pedagogical principles:

1. The strengthening of self-efficacy of the students
2. The strengthening of the students’ self-esteem and self-confidence
3. The breaking of artificial barriers (glass ceilings)
4. The recognition that education is a pivotal key to success in life

Ofanim’s prestigious collaboration in this new joint venture with the government has been granted to us based upon our professional model and proven successful achievement rate of notable improvement in educational excellence in the periphery. Ofanim CEO, Eli Dror, was quoted in the article as proudly stating that: “During the years that it has been active, Ofanim has succeeded to create a sense of capability among the students.”

The Formula for the Success

Best Regards,
Boaz Ozery
Executive Director

Article by: Yoav Shiffman